book cover: The Widow, The Priest and the Octopus Hunter, by Amy Chavez


Amy's Guide to Best Behavior in Japan: Do it Right and be Polite! (Stone Bridge Press, 2018) is enjoying brisk sales and ratings. Know before you go and avoid making faux pas when visiting Japan! You can order the book here.

As the tourist boom hit Japan in the past decade and travelers seek further off the beaten track areas, smaller destinations such as Shiraishi Island in the Seto Inland Sea (the same body of water made famous by Donald Richie's book "The Inland Sea") are becoming of interest. My recently released The Widow, the Priest and the Octopus Hunter: Discovering a Lost Way of Life on a Secluded Japanese Island (Tuttle Publishing, 2022). So, read up and learn about the real Japan from the Japanese people themselves!