Anyone living in Japan knows that the burgeoning tourism industry is bringing some unprecedented changes. In 2016, visitors from overseas increased nearly 22 percent with Japan welcoming a record 24 million foreign visitors. Add to this the government's push to attract 40 million overseas visitors by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, and one begins to see the magnitude of the challenges that lie ahead. In addition to the question of how to deal with so many tourists, another topic of great concern has been tourist conduct. Kyoto, in particular, is so fed up with bad tourist behavior that there has been a back-lash: tourists are no longer welcome at some establishments. It is my belief that tourists would have better behavior if they knew what was expected of them. After all, Japan is one of the most polite countries in the world. So how can they know that what is acceptable in their own country may not be acceptable here?

I'm confronting this challenge! My book "Amy's Guide to Best Behavior in Japan: Do it Right and be Polite," (Stone Bridge Press, June 2018, now in it's second printing) is an introduction to Japanese manners and an essential guide for anyone planning travel to Japan. Arm yourself with what you need to know before visiting and you'll not only make fewer faux pas, but you'll impress the Japanese.

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